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Teacher Development Program Report, Toronto

Updated 6 May 2014

NASIMCO Centre of Islamic Learning (CIL) in association with WF Madrasah Center of Excellence (MCE) held the first North American "Neuro-Psychology of Learning" Teacher Development Program in Toronto on April 19 and 20, 2014. The 15 participants were Assessors from the Toronto region, as well as teachers and administration representing different Islamic Learning Centers in the region.
This is a leading edge program designed by professionals in the field of Psychology and customized to benefit our Institutions worldwide. The program is undergoing Pilot sessions with a goal to be made available to all Lerning Center's in the North American region.
"Highly recommend the course to principals and teachers/coordinators" was a comment received from one of the participants.
The primary Goal of the program is to enhance teacher effectiveness by providing teachers with an understanding of core needs and communication style.
The highlights of the program included:
• Identify core needs, interaction styles and its effects on how you teach.
• Understand what motivates various learners to effectively engage students.
• Utilize student natural talents and strengths to build student confidence and maximize learning.
• Better manage a classroom by understanding root cause of behavior challenges.
• Create effective lessons using the TEACH model to enhance student learning and involvement.

The program was facilitated by Sis. Tahera Amarshi (Toronto), Br. Mohamed Dewji (Vancouver), Sis Taazim Jessa (Orlando), and Sis. Siddika Jessa (Vancouver). These facilitators were trained under Susan Nash, the Professional in the field of Neuropsychology, to deliver the two-day program.



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